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Portland Creek Resort






Portland Creek, NL | Phone: 709-898-2490
Portland Creek Resort



During the 1940's and 1950's, Lee operated his resort, known as the Runnin' Out, flying in by float plane and developing an airstrip which enabled airplanes as large as DC-3's to land here.

Portland Creek River has been well known as a first class fishing retreat since 1946 when Lee Wulff, the internationally recognized sports fisherman, writer, filmmaker, and outfitter developed the site.

In 1955, the Runnin' Out was sold to Great Lakes Carbon Company, which eventually sold to Sperry-Rand Company, which in turn sold the property to the Anglican Church.  Lee returned to the area for many summers, staying in a cabin he owned.

The property was purchased from the Anglican Church in 1990 by Ledonis Ltd., the present owners.  The company was formed by three local families, who re-developed the site into what is presently known as Mountain Waters Resort.  The resort is still very popular with fishermen and visitors, many of whom fished here with Lee Wulff in the 1950's.


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Portland Creek Resort